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While we encourage worshipping Jesus together on a Sunday, we realize that real life happens in smaller groups. Our life and fellowship groups enable us to journey together as a smaller community around God’s Word meeting each others needs on a weekly bases.


Leader When
Nicole Bicknell Wed 09:45
Renee Jones Wed 09:45
Inez Price Tue 10:00
Dot Parker Wed 10:00
Wendy De Lange Wed 10:00
Dee McCulley Wed 10:30
Dolores Nelissen (Women in the Word) Thu 10:00


Leader When
Pierre Okes Wed 10:00
Kevin Sheel Wed 19:00
Campbell Abrahamson Wed 19:10
Syd Eaby Wed 19:30
Frank Pretorius Wed 19:30
Grant Hill Wed 19:30


Leader When
Andrew & Carol Murray Wed 19:00

Young Families

Leader When
Le Roux Van Wyk Wed 18:00
Rory Mathew Wed 18:30
Dennis Greenwood/Karen Scott Thu 18:00

Young Adults (25 - 30)

Leader When
Greg Blair Thu 19:00
Marcelle & Philippa Loots Wed 19:00

Young Adults (18 - 22)

Leader When Group
Niel Vermeulen / Natasha Bicknell Wed 19:30 Young Adults

Youth (Grade 8 - 12)

Leader When Group
Jacob van der Merwe / Joanne Goddard Tue 18:00 Gr 8-12 girls
Cameron Murray / Kirstyn de Waal
Liam de Bliquy / Megan Vermaak
Tue 18:00 Gr 8-12 boys