Schools Ministry

We aim to serve the community schools in a relevant and creative way in order that more children have the opportunity to grow in wholeness – spiritual, physical, emotional, social and intellectual.
This ministry consists of volunteers who are given some basic training.
If you are interested in helping  contact the  church office.

The Degree 180 Leadership Programme serves to educate and empower grade 6 pupils in areas such as friendship, tolerance, bullying, respect, etc.

Volunteers meet at 07:20 on Wednesday mornings during the school term. The class finishes at 08:10 and includes many fun activities, questionnaires and personal/group interaction.

The schools Bible Group “On the Edge” (grade 7’s) meet every Tuesday morning during the school term. The curriculum covers the Youth ALPHA Course.

The school literacy program at Danie Ackerman has been a blessing for both children and volunteers.

SWBC Office 021 852 1810

“An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.” Prov.18:15